Month: March 2017

(Deutsch) Workshop “Phänomenologische Videographie” an der HU Berlin zur pädagogischen Achtsamkeit (mindfulness)

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Contemplative Phenomenology Workshop: The Experience of the Present Moment

Thank you Denis Francesconi for the following event information:

The Mind and Life Institute supports the Contemplative Phenomenology Workshop.

Participants will have the chance to probe, with the help of a team of specialists from Europe and beyond, into various aspects of first-person inquiry, especially those that are relevant for contemplative disciplines: Philosophical phenomenology and lived experience, Cross-interactions between contemplative approaches and empirical first-person approaches, and Buddhist phenomenology.

The workshop is presented by Michel Bitbol, Natalie Depraz and Claire Petitmengin and it will take place in Nemours, France, on 12-16 June 2017.

Phenomenology and Mindfulness

Here you can find information about an interesting conference about Phenomenology and Mindfulness: Phenomenology and Mindfulness: Interdisciplinary Coalition of North American Phenomenologists Ninth Annual Meeting, Ramapo College of New Jersey, May 25–28, 2017.

(Deutsch) Eva Simms – Interview zum Verhältnis Psychologie und Phänomenologie

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Workshop on Phenomenological Videography in China

Sales Rödel and Malte Brinkmann present the concept of Pedagogical-Phenomenological Videography at a workshop in the context of the 3rd Sino-Germany Dialogue on Didactic at the East China Normal University in Shanghai.

Im the context of a long-standing cooperation between the ECNU and the Humboldt-University of Berlin, the first center for videographical classroom research will soon be established. We are looking forward to the continual intercultural exchange with our Chinese colleagues.

Prof. Dr. Malte Brinkmann, Dr. des Sales Rödel