The conference proceedings entitled “Pedagogy – Phenomenology. Defining Relations and Challenges” have recently been published. They document the 3rd symposium on Phenomenological Research in Education entitled “Pedagogy Phenomenology – Phenomenology Pedagogy”, held in September 2015. Editors are Malte Brinkmann, Marc Fabian Buck and Sales Severin Rödel. These conference proceedings are the third of the conference series “Phenomenological Research in Education” and investigate the similarities and differences of Phenomenology and Pedagogy from a historical, a systematic, a practice-oriented and a methodological standpoint. Traditional and recent approaches in the field of Phenomenological Research in Education in Germany as well as in the international discourse are compiled and evaluated productively. The relationship between Pedagogy and Phenomenology is discussed and demonstrated in the form of Phenomenological Description and Analysis, historical as well as systematic research, studies on learning and education in the classroom context and investigations regarding phenomenological research practice. Table of contents:
I) Systematic and Historical Studies on the Relation of Pedagogy and Phenomenology
II) Pedagogical Phenomena
III) Pedagogy and Phenomenology in the Classroom Context
IV) Phenomenology as a Practice of Pedagogical Research

The conference proceedings published by Springer VS are accessible via this link.

Further volumes of this conference series can be accessed here.