Prof. Malte Brinkmann on the opening speech

Prof. Ursula Stenger Keynote: Sexual Difference and Social Constitution of the Lived-Body.
(Post-)Phenomenological and Poststructuralist Perspectives

Julia Ganterer (Klagenfurt) und Prof. Johanna Franziska Schwarz (Innsbruck) The Shaped Body: Phenomenological Reflections on the Lived body-Body-Relation

Prof. Li Zhengtao (Shanghai) Keynote: The Chinese Way of Embodied Phenomenology”

Photos: Fabio La Delia und Johannes Türstig

The fourth International Symposion on Phenomenological Research in Education (“Lived Body – Corporeality – Embodiment: Pedagogical Perspectives of a Phenomenology of the Lived Body”) took place at Humboldt-University Berlin, 18th – 20th September 2017. We are looking back on a successful meeting and would like to thank all participants and presenters for interesting talks and inspiring discussions (see conference program below). Hopefully, we see you all again in two years at the next symposion!

Conference Program Phenomenology 2017 S.1

Conference Program Phenomenology 2017 S.2