Dear Phenomenologists,

I’m happy to share with you that some lectures from our 5th international symposium Feeling – Emotion – Mood. Phenomenological and pedagogicalperspectives are availlable to watch now on our youtube channel:

Malte Brinkmann: On Bildung and Emotion

Daniele Bruzzone: The Strength of Emotions and the Weakness of Feelings

Tom Feldges/Sonia Pieczenko: Educational Neuroscience (ENS) vs. Phenomenology

Ralf Koerrenz: The Breath and the Heart. Phenomenological Perspectives from the Hebrew Paradigm

Tatiana Shchyttsova: Between Real and Possible: Upbringing as an intellectual-emotional nourishment

Ursula Stenger: Feelings as a basal dimension of the experience of reality-constitution

Norm Friesen: Learning, Moods and Atmospheres: A Phenomenological Video Analysis

Birgit Althans: Make the mood! On the mutual use of emotions

Kristin Westphal: “Affectos Humanos“ – Affects in dance, theatre and education

Have fun watching!

Kind Regards

Malte Brinkmann